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We build bodies that endure. We train for health, longevity, and sustainability. Stretch, condition, strength train and build a body you are proud of.

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Our Services

Personal Training

Set and achieve your fitness goals in a one-on-one setting with Nick.

Small Group Fitness Classes

Attend group classes and train with a small, enthusiastic team. Receive personalized feedback and thrive.

Custom Fitness Programming

Let Nick customize your workout plan for use in-class or on your own.

Free Instructional Videos

Working out at home? Nick has you covered. Watch regularly posted tutorials on the Sentinel Strength YouTube channel.

Be Healthy for Life.

Core Programs


Use resistance to build strength. Increase bone density, manage your weight, and grow stronger.


Increase your athletic skill and level of fitness. Prevent injury by developing muscles and learning how to train the right way.

Anaerobic Endurance

High intensity interval training increases your endurance. Improve your balance, grow stronger physically, and strengthen your immune system.

Pain Management

Learn how to train correctly- use your body properly to avoid strain and curtail the risk of injury or re-injury.

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Our Blog

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