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Core Services

Personal Training
Small Group Fitness Classes
Custom Fitness Programs

What We Do in Our Classes


Get an intense cardiovascular workout with circuit training. Run and execute agility exercises with state of the art equipment and in top notch facilities.

Strength Training

Grow stronger using various resistance methods (kettlebells, weighted bags, and more). Added benefits include increased bone density and strengthened immune system.

Flexibility & Range of Motion

Incorporate active stretching into your exercise routine to increase flexibility and range of motion.

One hour sessions, one-on-one.

Personal Training

Weight Lifting

Whether you are a pro or a beginner, we have solutions for you. Get stronger and build muscle mass using full body power lifts combined with functional training.

Injury Prevention & Rehabilitation

Rehabilitate old injuries and learn how to prevent injuries from recurring. Learn how to use your body the right way.

Custom Programming

Build a workout routine so you can practice on your own time.

Meet Once. Develop a Custom Program.

Personalized Programs

Schedule a on-on-one session with Nick to talk about goals. Develop a custom fitness program that you can work on your own time, outside of training. Custom programming available to all clients- no additional personal training required.